Friday, October 18, 2019

Fall means PUMPKINS!

Recently we learned about PUMPKINS! Here we labeled: skin, stem, tendril, meat and seeds!

We used popsicle sticks, chenille stems, and links to measure ours. Then we drew them on our report.

Here is a playdoh pumpkin!

Our pumpkin foods we tasted were: seeds, bread, pie and cupcakes! Our class favorite? It was close...CUPCAKES!

We learned the life cycle of pumpkins: seed, vine, stem, flower, green, unripe pumpkin and ripe, orange pumpkin!

Pastor Snow told us how WE are like pumpkins. God chooses us, washes our sins away, (through Baptism)...

removes our sins (through Jesus' death on the cross) and saves us!

(Our pumpkin had 346 seeds!)

Because of Jesus' love for us, we ought to share that love with others!

Thank you, God, for creating PUMPKINS!

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