Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Apple FUN!

September was the month we learned about APPLES! We stamped our favorite color of apples, and cut and wove our own basket!!!

One of our Science experiments had us cut an apple in half, to see the APPLE STAR!

We labeled the parts of an apple...

sequenced them 1-30...

peeled them...

...this came from ONE apple! The birds LOVED our peelings!

We tasted our homemade applesauce, slices with caramel, pie and cider. Our class favorite? Apple slices with caramel! A CLOSE contest!

We even shaped apples and their parts our of playdough!

Check our our kindergarten APPLE tree!

We celebrated Johnny Appleseed's birthday and did fun activities ALL day!

Thank you, God, for creating and giving us APPLES!  YUM!!!!!

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