Friday, April 12, 2019

Our Q and U Wedding!

Today, we had the "Exquisite Wedding" of Q and U!

We heard the story of how Q and U were lonely, but when they met they ALWAYS wanted to be together!

To ensure they could always spell words together, we got ready for their wedding!

Princess Q had her Maid of Honor help her get ready!

Prince U had his Best Man help him get ready, too!

The guests were all invited from "Alphabet Town"! Can you read their names?! (letters?!)

Q and U listened intently!

They exchanged rings, too!

After the ceremony was over, the guests rang their bells and cheered! "QU Qu Qu Qu!!!"

May Q and U make many words together!

The cake at the reception...

was enjoyed by...


"Congratulations, Q and U!"


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