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Friday, April 12, 2019

Our Q and U Wedding!

Today, we had the "Exquisite Wedding" of Q and U!

We heard the story of how Q and U were lonely, but when they met they ALWAYS wanted to be together!

To ensure they could always spell words together, we got ready for their wedding!

Princess Q had her Maid of Honor help her get ready!

Prince U had his Best Man help him get ready, too!

The guests were all invited from "Alphabet Town"! Can you read their names?! (letters?!)

Q and U listened intently!

They exchanged rings, too!

After the ceremony was over, the guests rang their bells and cheered! "QU Qu Qu Qu!!!"

May Q and U make many words together!

The cake at the reception...

was enjoyed by...


"Congratulations, Q and U!"


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Friday, April 5, 2019

We Celebrate Dr. Seuss!

In early March, we celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday!

We love listening to and reading his books!

Each day we read one of his books and did a fun activity! Here is a "Roll and Color" Birthday Math sheet in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday!

After reading "One Fish, Two Fish", we estimated how many goldfish were in a fishbowl! Ezekiel won!!!

All week we performed "acts of kindness" to help the Grinch smile!

Yea! We had a VERY kind week!

In Computer class we played "Cat in the Hat" literacy games!

We guessed if we'd like "green eggs and ham" (after reading the story) and most of us did!

We ALL love Dr. Seuss!

Thank you, God, for Dr. Seuss' WONDERFUL books!

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