Monday, March 4, 2019

We celebrate PRESIDENTS’ DAY!


We enjoyed our Presidents' Day unit!

We drew a President's name out of Abe Lincoln's stovepipe hat, and printed 1, 2 or more FUN FACTS about them!

We colored a cover for our "report" and invited our 8th grade "chapel buddies" to hear a few!

We sang "Hail to the Chief" as our Presidents stepped forward!

After our Presidents were finished, "Congress" clapped! Then we worked on a White House craft together!

Together we colored, cut and glued a pretty White House windsock!

When our crafts were finished, we enjoyed a FLAG cake! After the 8th graders return from Washington D.C., THEY will share with us their experience!

This week we journaled about our President,

read them to our class,

built log cabins at center time, (many were born in them!)

and even did a PENNY experiment! Which solution cleans a dirty penny the best?!

Vinegar/salt, ketchup, soapy water, water, soda...

Olivia guessed correctly!


Here are some of our Presidents! (Check out their reports in our hallway!)

Thank you, God, for Presidents. Please watch over and guide them and bless our nation!

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