Friday, January 4, 2019

Gingerbread Christmas!

Gingerbread Week we heard LOTS of stories of "The Gingerbread Man!"

 We formed Gingerbread words with wikki stix at Daily Five centers...


played with "Gingerbread" in our Sensory table...

helped roll out Gingerbread dough, cut out cookies, baked and ate them...

and made Gingerbread Nativities!  (The REAL Reason for the Season!) See Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus inside?!

Then we designed Gingerbread glyphs.  We showed whether we were  girls or boys... our number of buttons  showed whether we liked the taste of Gingerbread or not...our nose color showed whether we liked the story ending where the Gingerbread Man got eaten, and our bow showed our favorite color!


Here is our glyph.  Do YOU like Gingerbread?!!!  Merry Christmas!

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