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Monday, October 8, 2018

Birds, Birds, Birds!

We loved learning about BIRDS!

We listened to and read LOTS of BIRD books,

Mr. B. showed us his favorite (a whooping crane), and we listened to its "call"! Here we are learning about different sized eggs! The ostrich has the largest! The hummingbird the smallest!

We searched through lots of books for OUR favorites, and wrote about them in our journal,

and illustrated them, too!

We learned about beaks and bills and "ate" sunflower seeds like a bird, using tweezers! (beaks)!

At center time, we traced BIRD templates, cut them out and decorated them!

What's your favorite? Nicholas' is the EAGLE!

We made "Regal Eagle" cookies! YUM!

We journaled about what we would do if WE were a bird!!!

Then we used shortening and birdseed to spread on pinecones...


We think they are going to LOVE them this Winter!

Thank you, God, for BIRDS!

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