Thursday, September 20, 2018

Daily 5 and CENTER FUN!

Daily 5 centers are each morning. What are the 5 types of centers?  We have a 1. "Letter/Word work" center, (we form letters out of our play doh)

more "Letter/Word Work" (buttons on letters),

also spelling names with play doh in "Letter/Word Work",

2. a Daily 5 "IPad" center, (this month we practice our letters in "Writing Wizard"),

3. our "Listening Center" (after listening to a new book each week, we print words from our book until Daily 5 time is over!),

4. "Reading in our Nook" by ourselves or with friends,

and 5.  our "Small Reading Group"! Our teacher reads to us and sometimes, parents do!!! Soon, we will read decodable readers in our groups and take them home to read to YOU!!!

Each afternoon we do STEAM centers. (Science, Technology, English and Math) They've included: puzzles with shoulder partners,

Light table fun,

letter building with lego fun,

Math plinko fun,

Math patterning fun,

Alphabet bingo,

construction fun,

and "acting out of Bible stories!" Here is the serpent and the tree in the Garden of Eden!

Kindergarten is FULL of center fun and "learning"!

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