Friday, June 1, 2018

We LOVED our Chick unit!


We were given 12 fertile eggs to incubate!

Our incubator kept the eggs warm (100.5 degrees) for 21 days!

Pastor Snow helped us "candle" the eggs to check on their growth.

We saw shadows inside the eggs!

We watched chicks hatching on youtube! Chicks use their egg tooth to prick a hole and hatch from there!

We had 4 New Hampshire Red and 4 Rhode Island Red chicks to love! We learned what chicks love to eat, and how much water they drink a day!

Mrs. Wilson made us our own baggies of chickfeed! (granola mix!) YUM!

We were so gentle!

We watched "Charlotte's Web" during our unit,

formed egg shapes with play doh,

got to pet some FARM puppies with Mr. Rolph (Titus's Dad),

and said goodbye to our one and a half week-old chicks! They are moving to a local farm!

They are twice the size they were last week!

Our FARM unit ended with a play put on by Mr. B's kindergarten Reading group! They presented "The Little Red Hen"!


Thank you, God, for FARMS and, especially, chicks!


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