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Friday, June 1, 2018

Last Week FUN!

We had SO much fun the last week of school!

We finished our FARM unit,

said goodbye to our chicks,

and made some of our own to take home!!!

We watched a wonderful play about the "Little Red Hen"! (Mr. B's kindergarten Reading group)

We learned about the Braille Ministry at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

Nic's Grandparents and Great-Grandma began and coordinate this special ministry.

Church members volunteer each Wed. to compile books in many languages.

Bibles are sent all over the world -some countries we have "visited" this year!

We had Reader's Theatre and read our favorite journal entries!

We drew our favorite Bible stories outside, in chalk!

We watched the 5th graders plant a new crabapple tree right outside our classroom!

We celebrated all of our Summer birthdays!

Levi played piano for his show 'n share!

We were his courteous audience!

We even had a "food fight" when we traveled to Spain! They have an annual tomato-throwing event! (We used marshmallows!)

Each Friday in May, we had an auction to bid on items from our Treasure box. We bid and paid with pennies, nickels and dimes and practiced our counting!

We thank you, God, for a WONDERFUL year. Thank you for your love in sending Your Son, Jesus, to be our Savior!

May He keep us close to Himself this Summer, and ALWAYS!

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We LOVED our Chick unit!


We were given 12 fertile eggs to incubate!

Our incubator kept the eggs warm (100.5 degrees) for 21 days!

Pastor Snow helped us "candle" the eggs to check on their growth.

We saw shadows inside the eggs!

We watched chicks hatching on youtube! Chicks use their egg tooth to prick a hole and hatch from there!

We had 4 New Hampshire Red and 4 Rhode Island Red chicks to love! We learned what chicks love to eat, and how much water they drink a day!

Mrs. Wilson made us our own baggies of chickfeed! (granola mix!) YUM!

We were so gentle!

We watched "Charlotte's Web" during our unit,

formed egg shapes with play doh,

got to pet some FARM puppies with Mr. Rolph (Titus's Dad),

and said goodbye to our one and a half week-old chicks! They are moving to a local farm!

They are twice the size they were last week!

Our FARM unit ended with a play put on by Mr. B's kindergarten Reading group! They presented "The Little Red Hen"!


Thank you, God, for FARMS and, especially, chicks!


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