Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

We celebrated Dr. Seuss' s birthday, ALL WEEK!

In Morning Work we "did Seuss work" and spelled "Seuss words" out of play doh!

We read from "The Cat in the Hat" and dressed like the Cat!

In Math, we measured the Cat and other characters with linking cubes and partners!

It took just 3 days to make the Grinch smile! Our "acts of kindness" made us ALL smile!


After watching "Green Eggs and Ham", we tasted some!

Most of us liked them!!!

After reading "One Fish Two Fish", we enjoyed some fish! Thank you, Mrs. Wilson!

We estimated how many goldfish were in a container, and Elikya was closest! Congratulations!

We played Dr. Seuss coding games in Computer Lab,

they were SO fun!!!

We printed our names and addresses on envelopes. We will receive Dr. Seuss erasers soon "in the mail!"

At center time we played a Math Truffula Tree game,

played a "Cat in the Hat" game,

read lots of Dr. Seuss books,

"hid Wockets" (and found them!),

and laughed A LOT!!!

We had a fun week!

Thank you, God, for authors like Dr. Seuss!

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