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I thank the Lord for the opportunity to teach kindergarten at Holy Cross Lutheran School. I pray my classroom is a warm, nurturing environment where students can play, experience and learn…especially how much their Savior, Jesus Christ, loves them!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Gingerbread FUN!

We LOVE Gingerbread at Christmas time!

After reading LOTS of Gingerbread Man stories, we cut out and decorated our own!

“Gingerbread Friends” kept us company all day!

Then we rolled out some gingerbread dough, and cut out our OWN cookies!

We baked them for a FULL 8 minutes, and DIDN’T peek!!!

We LOVED them!

At center time, we spelled “gingerbread” words with chenille stems!

Of course, our words are CHRISTMAS words!!!

We also graphed gum drops from our Gingerbread Nativities!

It was fun playing in our GINGERBREAD Sensory table!

We remember the REAL reason for the Season, is Jesus our Savior’s birth! Here He is with Mary and Joseph in our Gingerbread Nativities!

Merry Christmas to us, Everyone!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!



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What is H-I-B-E-R-N-A-T-I-O-N?!

We learned that Hibernation is a “long, deep sleep!”

Our favorite teddies spent the day with us before we bid them “farewell”!!!

They could even join us in listening to our parent reader! Thank you, Mrs. Livernois!

We learned “fun facts” about bears! (They aren’t true hibernators! They can wake up in their cave to get a snack and then fall asleep, again!)

Our Science experiment this week showed us that God gave bears an extra layer of fat so they don’t feel the cold! (We used Crisco shortening!)

Our hands felt cold BEFORE we used the shortening! Then they felt warm!

Then it was time for our last hug!

Into the cave our teddies went!

We “bear walked” with them to the cave!

We will wake up our teddies on Jan. 4! Our first day back to school after Christmas vacation!

Sleep tight, Teddies! We love you!



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Monday, December 4, 2017

Guatemala Friends Visiting!


We were excited to have our friends from Divine Savior Lutheran Church in Zacapa, Guatemala, visit our classroom today!


Senora Amey and they helped us sing some songs in Spanish!     

We had fun!

Then we got to make turkeys with crayons, glue and paper “feathers”!

In Guatemala, they eat turkey for Christmas dinner! 

Merry Christmas and thank you for stopping by!  God bless all of you!


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Living like a Pilgrim!

We wove placemats for our Play! The pilgrims wove rugs!

See our patterns?! FALL colors, too!

Native Americans planted corn, and some had kernels of different colors! We made ornaments of Indian corn! (tribeads!)

We practiced reciting our ABC’S with “hornbooks” like the real Pilgrim children!

The girls participated in a Spelling Bee!

The boys did, too! Here they are wearing their hornbooks!

Our winners! Congratulations! The Pilgrims had weekly Bees!

We copied patterns of pies with linking cubes,

and ears of corn, too!

Rauri brought in real arrowheads to show us! Cool! Native Americans used these for hunting!

We “hunted” for turkey,

made play doh shapes of Thanksgiving foods,

hooked pot holders,

spelled “leaf” words on our light table,

and created BEAUTIFUL turkeys with our families!

Here is one of our Wampanoag friends!

Here we are practicing our Thanksgiving Play!

Like the Pilgrims, we have SO much to thank God for!


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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Happy 50th Day of School!


This past Wednesday, we celebrated our 50th Day of School with a SOCK-HOP!

It was so much fun dancing to the songs and dance steps on the screen!

There were tables of bottles of water and NuWay cars full of yummy snacks!

Thanks to our wonderful room parents who planned, donated and joined us!

In our classroom, we “raced to 50” in Math!

Rolling dice, we played with partners to see who could get to 50 first!

Counting is fun!

Thank you, God, for 50 days of fun and learning!


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We learned “fun facts” about spiders!

Did you know: spiders are ARACHNIDS, have 8 legs, don’t all spin webs, are predators, some live in the ground, most are not harmful, lay up to 1000 eggs, and have up to 8 eyes?

We loved making our own!

Mrs. Livernois even read to us a book about SPIDERS!

We made a large classroom web out of yarn!

It was fun!

We also made some “magic” spiders and webs!

Thank you, God, for SPIDERS, and the insects they eat for us!


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We learned about Fire Safety!


We learned about Fire Safety. Here we “sound-spelled” sentences about a Fire Truck!

In our journals, we wrote one “fun fact” about Fire Safety we will remember! “Don’t play with matches!”

“Dial 9-1-1 in an emergency”!

We made dalmations in Art. Did you know they used to help fire fighters rescue people?

In P.E. we practiced Fire Safety skills! Climbing a ladder,

walking to safety,

crawling where the air is easier to breathe,

crawling to safety,

and “stop, drop and roll”!

We thank Anna’s Dad, Mr. Boring, for talking to us about keeping safe.

We want to talk to our families about: smoke detectors, meeting places and calling 9-1-1!

Thank you, God, for firemen and keeping us safe!


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Friday, October 20, 2017

Pumpkin Learning Fun!


We learned the life cycle of PUMPKINS!

A seed is planted, a stem and leaf grow,

a flower (male or female) is formed, then a green pumpkin, which ripens to an orange one!

We read LOTS of PUMPKIN books!

We journaled about our favorite part of our trip to the PUMPKIN patch!

Each of us received a PUMPKIN we decorated with “food stuffs”! Our 8th grade chapel buddies helped us!

Our favorite PUMPKIN food was “pumpkin cookies”!

Thank you, God, for creating PUMPKINS… and all the fun!


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Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Birthday, Johnny Appleseed!


We learned about a special man, John Chapman!

He planted apple trees for the pioneers in our country’s Midwest states!

We loved the Disney movie version about “Johnny Appleseed”!

These are our favorite apples!

Each of us helped peel apples to make applesauce!

It cooked all day and was DELICIOUS!

The apple peelings were a treat for our feathered friends and squirrels!

We hope they store these for the Winter!

Thank You, God, for “Johnny Appleseed” (John Chapman), and his help in planting apple trees!


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Friday, September 15, 2017

Apple Fun!

We have been learning about APPLES!

Here are the 6 parts of an APPLE! 

One part is the center or CORE! We made these torn art APPLES in ART!

We “made APPLE pies” at our Sensory table,

ordered numbered APPLES to 30, and measured ourselves!

Next, we stamped APPLE slices in paint! We chose our favorite APPLE color: red, green or yellow.

A beautiful APPLE tree! Our classes’ favorite APPLE is red!

Then we tasted other APPLE foods. Pie, sauce, juice and slices with caramel! YUM!!

Our classes’ favorite APPLE food was “slices with caramel!”

At center time we weighed APPLES and compared their weight to other fruits and vegetables.

Our journals reveal OUR favorites!

What’s YOURS?!


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