Friday, December 15, 2017

What is H-I-B-E-R-N-A-T-I-O-N?!

We learned that Hibernation is a “long, deep sleep!”

Our favorite teddies spent the day with us before we bid them “farewell”!!!

They could even join us in listening to our parent reader! Thank you, Mrs. Livernois!

We learned “fun facts” about bears! (They aren’t true hibernators! They can wake up in their cave to get a snack and then fall asleep, again!)

Our Science experiment this week showed us that God gave bears an extra layer of fat so they don’t feel the cold! (We used Crisco shortening!)

Our hands felt cold BEFORE we used the shortening! Then they felt warm!

Then it was time for our last hug!

Into the cave our teddies went!

We “bear walked” with them to the cave!

We will wake up our teddies on Jan. 4! Our first day back to school after Christmas vacation!

Sleep tight, Teddies! We love you!



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