Friday, December 15, 2017

Gingerbread FUN!

We LOVE Gingerbread at Christmas time!

After reading LOTS of Gingerbread Man stories, we cut out and decorated our own!

“Gingerbread Friends” kept us company all day!

Then we rolled out some gingerbread dough, and cut out our OWN cookies!

We baked them for a FULL 8 minutes, and DIDN’T peek!!!

We LOVED them!

At center time, we spelled “gingerbread” words with chenille stems!

Of course, our words are CHRISTMAS words!!!

We also graphed gum drops from our Gingerbread Nativities!

It was fun playing in our GINGERBREAD Sensory table!

We remember the REAL reason for the Season, is Jesus our Savior’s birth! Here He is with Mary and Joseph in our Gingerbread Nativities!

Merry Christmas to us, Everyone!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!



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