Monday, December 4, 2017

Living like a Pilgrim!

We wove placemats for our Play! The pilgrims wove rugs!

See our patterns?! FALL colors, too!

Native Americans planted corn, and some had kernels of different colors! We made ornaments of Indian corn! (tribeads!)

We practiced reciting our ABC’S with “hornbooks” like the real Pilgrim children!

The girls participated in a Spelling Bee!

The boys did, too! Here they are wearing their hornbooks!

Our winners! Congratulations! The Pilgrims had weekly Bees!

We copied patterns of pies with linking cubes,

and ears of corn, too!

Rauri brought in real arrowheads to show us! Cool! Native Americans used these for hunting!

We “hunted” for turkey,

made play doh shapes of Thanksgiving foods,

hooked pot holders,

spelled “leaf” words on our light table,

and created BEAUTIFUL turkeys with our families!

Here is one of our Wampanoag friends!

Here we are practicing our Thanksgiving Play!

Like the Pilgrims, we have SO much to thank God for!


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