Friday, September 15, 2017

Apple Fun!

We have been learning about APPLES!

Here are the 6 parts of an APPLE! 

One part is the center or CORE! We made these torn art APPLES in ART!

We “made APPLE pies” at our Sensory table,

ordered numbered APPLES to 30, and measured ourselves!

Next, we stamped APPLE slices in paint! We chose our favorite APPLE color: red, green or yellow.

A beautiful APPLE tree! Our classes’ favorite APPLE is red!

Then we tasted other APPLE foods. Pie, sauce, juice and slices with caramel! YUM!!

Our classes’ favorite APPLE food was “slices with caramel!”

At center time we weighed APPLES and compared their weight to other fruits and vegetables.

Our journals reveal OUR favorites!

What’s YOURS?!


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