Friday, April 28, 2017

Easter means “NEW LIFE”

We rejoice that Christ our Savior is Risen!

Jesus had been beaten by the soldiers before He was crucified. We acted it out when we made Resurrection Cookies.

The salt we tasted reminded us of the tears of the mourners as Jesus carried His cross to Calvary.

On the cross, Jesus was thirsty. Jesus was given vinegar from a sponge. It smelled AWFUL!

Sugar tastes sweet, and so is the “good news” that Jesus died to give us NEW LIFE in HIM!

The tomb was empty! Our cookies were hollow to remind us, and white, like the angel’s bright robe! The angel said, “He is not here, He is risen!”

At our recent “He is Risen” party, we enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt,

we found LOTS of eggs!

In our hallway, we raced eggs on spoons!

We walked forwards AND backwards! It was FUN!

We played Easter Bingo and won prizes!

Our craft/snack was a bunny in a car!


Then we “taped” a tail on Peter Cottontail!

We won prizes here, too!

When we were finished, we colored BEAUTIFUL Easter eggs!

Thank you, Moms, for all of your help!

Thank you, God, for our NEW LIfE through Jesus Christ!

Happy Easter, Everyone!  “HE is Risen, HE is Risen, HE is Risen, Indeed!  Alleluia!!!

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