Friday, April 7, 2017

We LOVE Butterflies!

We have been learning about God’s beautiful BUTTERFLIES!

We’ve used describing words to talk about caterpillars and butterflies,

We’ve printed sentences about their 4 stages!

We’ve typed the 4 stages in Computer Lab, too!

The 4 Stages are: Egg,



and Butterfly! (Here we are “catching” one!)

In our travels to Western Samoa, we painted “symmetrical” butterflies,

used cool magnifying glasses to examine pictures better,

traced templates and designed our favorites,

printed Butterfly words on our White board,

watched a youtube movie about the metamorphosis process,

ink-stamped the 4 Stages and labeled them,

 formed playdoh words from Eric Carle’s
“The Hungry Caterpillar” book,

and spelled words from our Butterfly list! (We are also waiting for our Painted Lady Butterflies to hatch out of their chrysalises! Do stay tuned!) 


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